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WhatsApp Status Hub: Whatsapp is being used Two billion users across the world and It was introduced the status feature in 2015. whatsapp status is seen in our story for 24 hours it was the biggest gift by Whatsapp in 2015. After announced this feature WhatsApp status hub makes a lot of videos that duration is 30 seconds according to user. Before this feature, WhatsApp only has text features. After this everyone going to share WhatsApp status in their story tab. This feature is a most loving feature in WhatsApp that's why Whatsapp Status Hub creates video and post in WhatsApp status hub. Here i am recommending to download whatsapp video from Whatsapp Status Hub. Many people wants to share their emotion and love in whatsapp story.Nowadays people have started using Whatsapp status in their daily life. Due to which the madness of Whatsapp status has erupted and people put their emotion and love in their story which shows all your contact people for 24 hours, due to which people guess whether you are happy or sad. Whatsapp status hub Daily keeps uploading some new videos so that you get daily to put some new videos in your status and you keep getting your emotions daily apne status.